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The "Ghost Rider" B-52 Rises From The Grave To Ride Again

U.S. Air Force serial number 61-0007, a B-52H known by its nose art as "Ghost Rider," was brought out of seven years of storage at the Defense Department's boneyard in Arizona. Its new mission? To replace an active B-52H that was badly damaged by fire while on the ground at Barksdale Air Force Base and make the USAF arms treaty-dictated fleet of 76 B-52s whole once again ( Altro...

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sparkie624 5
Glad it is coming back.... Wish they had more of them back in service.... The B52 is one of the best bombers of all time.
oowmmr 3
I'll say, first flew 1952!!. Talk about getting your monies worth.
WOW a monster comes top life man that will rock. Planespotters will enjoy seeing this old B 52 in the air when they can. Nice aircraft and mighty powerful too
Go old BUFF. Welcome back to the USAF.
Youelle 3
Ghost Rider is the real Phoenix. They must have learned a lot from this first experience.
I worked on her when I was at K.I. Sawyer. I was at K.I. Sawyer long enough for all of the H models to cycle through. These things were built to last.
good old days I was down the road at Kinchloe before we closed it
PEACE... The Old Fashioned Way !
The BUFF just lives on!! Incredible aircraft, fantastic service record and still history to be made.
We need more like it. May it fly safely for years.
oowmmr 2
That's a great aircraft and interesting design.
Looong wings and tall power, big truck, big pay load.
Tim Marks 2
Eight T33s burning and 70K of firecrackers loaded up, let's go kick some ISIS booty!
That's Boeing. American.
Set heading to Syria, Iraq, all 8 on full power......pound those isil pricks
w1gba1 1
Why can't they bring the rest of the B-52Hs in storage at the "Boneyard" up to "mission ready status" (with all the bells and whistles found on all the rest of the BUFFS in the fleet and put them back into storage if "something hits the fan"?
Just plain awesome!
This is not the first time an aircraft left the "boneyard". A few years ago NASA got a regenerated WB-50 after something like 30 years in storage. All of the QF-4's came from there along with the new QF-16's. Making aircraft ready to return to the fleet is part of the mission of AMARC.
And all those very fast and pretty F-106's that got shot down in the Gulf of Mexico? F-102's, F-84's as well.
James Frey 1
Flew her in '75 to '77 at Kincheloe AFB.
yo only place in the world I had to crawl out my back window to shovel off my front porch
The amount of destructive power carried by these aircraft could make a nice parking lot in Afghanistan for the new Wal Mar.
Wayne Fox 1
I worked as an ECM tech on this 1007 at Minot in 1967 1968.
Very cool!
I always loved that aircraft. Sure, with eight of everything to work on it kept us all busy. I worked on the D models while in Guam. 18 months of nothing but B-52D's. It was then, it is still now ONE AWESOME BOMBER!!! There will never, ever be another aircraft of that type.
ISIS lives by intimidation, destruction, power, and cowardly acts. A small fleet of these B52's carpet bombing their strongholds would have them on their knees crying for their mama. Sure was effective in moving the Viet Cong out of Cambodia.
lynx318 2
Bomb the crap out of ISIS , that's great but for the civilian population interspersed among their hoards. This is the reason it's not already done & we know they're crazy but they're not stupid. I wish we could get rid of these nutjobs quicker!
sparkie624 -8
If ISIS lives by intimidation, lets give them some.. take a fleet of B52's and give them NON-STOP 24 hour bombing from these planes... Give them some intimidation and see how long they last, but as long as we have a muslin pres, that will never happen.
Groundhog Day. Keep on keep on.
They should take them all out of mothballs and use them repeatedly to bombthe animals in the Middle East in to oblivion! Instead Obama will probably use them to transport his family and friends on junkets, on our dime, of course!
if you cannot stay on topic please go elsewhere to post this forum is about aircraft not your opinion about politics
Ok Gents, Relax...Yep The Old Dog No Doubt Will Do The Job. But Relax That Fight Is Acroos The Street in the Arab leaders Back yard....When The Republican Industrial Machine Identfies The Dollar That's In it for Your Sons Or Daughters Life Will You still Be So Hot-To-Trot ?.....Because Their Kids Ain't GOING!
Keep drinking the kool-aide! Use the aircraft for what it was designed for, destroying the enemy!
Hans Lam 0
Wat een knap staaltje werk van de vliegtuigontwerpers in die tijd. Je kan met zo'n toestel heel veel materieel van de vijand vernietigen en tegelijkertijd mensenlevens redden in een aanvalsvlucht. Mergem.
sparkie624 0
The universal language in aviation is English!
lynx318 1
Using Bing translator "What a handsome piece of work of the aircraft designers at the time. You can with such a device very much stock of destroy the enemy and at the same time people save lives in a window of a flight. Mergem"


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