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Korean Air chief's gets one year jail term in 'nut rage' case

Heather Cho, daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho and the former head of in-flight service, violated the law by ordering the plane to return to the gate after it started to taxi on Dec. 5. Cho had demanded the flight crew chief be expelled from the flight after a first class stewardess served her macadamia nuts in a bag and not on a dish. The plane which had started to move away from the gate had to return. ( Altro...

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What a nasty human being! . A disgrace They should also ban her from flying for 5 years!!
ken young 3
She deserved to get slapped..
I have a friend who is now a 7 years resident of South Korea. He tells me this kind of elitism among SK's wealthiest families is a especially prevalent among the children of the wealthy.
The general population is pretty sick of them.
Well SHE's definitely nuts for sure ....let's see how long she actually stays in jail though! Pompous egocentric arrogant brat!
BaronG58 5
Hope she enjoys prison nuts.
Dee Lowry 3
I think Miss Cho should have been given 1 year, in the "pokey", for each nut in the bag.
preacher1 3
Well, the working class in So.Korea is getting aggravated too according to the story, or it probably would have been dismissed:

"The so-called "nut rage" episode triggered scorn and outrage in a country whose economy is dominated by family-run conglomerates known as chaebol, and where many are fed up with the rich and powerful escaping punishment for bad behaviour."

Somebody down here said the pilot did get disciplined, I guess for going back to the gate, but as I said earlier, her being the bosses daughter, I figure most of us would have.
209flyboy 1
Who's in charge here, this 'NUT'case. If she was on my flight I would have had her thrown off the plane. But, in that country the big shots think their s... doesn't stink.

[This poster has been suspended.]

joel wiley 0
That ain't peanuts.
What about the pilot? He didn't take care of his own flight attendants crew, as a pilot in command is the one who make decisions after the doors are closed and engines running.
As a pilot in command you don't follow orders from someone who is having a tantrum episode.
ken young 2
Perhaps he used his judgement in that he was concerned for the possibility of this spoiled brat making a spectacle of herself for the next 14 hours.
jcsjcs 2
I think the pilot did the right thing. He got disciplined and the executive went to prison. Had he had her thrown off the plane, she would still be in charge and he'd be without a job.
The pilot was disciplined by the airline, but what he did wasn't criminal -- what Cho did was.
preacher1 7
Well, especially in the environment of status and hierarchy in that part of the world, you don't argue with the bosses daughter. Regular airline rule and things we take for granted like CRM, go out the window. We found that out on Asiana 214.
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Korean Air executive jailed over 'nut rage' incident

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) Heather Cho, the former Korean Air executive who ordered an international flight to return to the gate over how macadamia nuts were served in first class, has been sentenced to a year in jail.

A South Korean court on Thursday found her guilty of violating aviation law, changing flight path and interference of operations.
Now that is a serious "time out".
Somewhere the flight attendant who served the bagged macadamia nuts is having a good chuckle...


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