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Removing paint from a Boeing 737 is one of the trippiest things ever

This cool promotional video uploaded by Virgin Australia shows how they repaint one of their Boeing 737. They do all by hand and, in this case, it took them 11 days, 18 painters, and 260 liters of paint to get the job done. My favorite part is when the paint melts, I could spend hours watching just that. ( Altro...

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Quackers 1
Pretty cool. Mind blowing gif. Like something out of Scanners or Raiders of the Lost Ark.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Air Canada use a similar technique. They recover most of the chemicals used and filter out the old paint etc. The paint shop in YYZ must comply with federal regs, and I am sure it's the same for Virgin. Nifty video though.
Too bad the new scheme could put a insomniac into a coma - especially compared to the old 'red is the new blue' scheme. ;^)


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