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Ryanair's New Special Boeing 737s Will Have Even Less Legroom

Ryanair and Boeing have just finalized an order for 100 brand-new 737 MAX aircraft, but there's something unique about these planes, dubbed the 737 MAX 200. They'll be cramming up to 200 seats into a space usually occupied by only 175 seats. ( Altro...

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I've only ever flown Ryanair on a short leg (Dublin to Glasgow) and found that a distinctly uncomfortable experience. I could never imagine flying with them on a long hop. Also I was suckered into the price - paid something like €7 as advertised for the fare then presented with €70 for"taxes". On top of that had to pay extra for a checked bag. Should have remembered that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is...........
i have been in many airlines but Ryanairs the one that can make you feel like a sardine the worst i have ever been on never again bill davidson
Ryanair's owner ought be forced to travel long distances inside a well used and not empty porta potty.
A whole new meaning for the word sardine.
Someone must think people are getting smaller instead of larger... Maybe the folks who make these decisions should be forced to "ride with the rest of us".
Joe Hyde 1
It will be hard to fly in that new 737. Your knees will be up near your ears and when you get out you will need massage therapy to straighten up. Things are now just a bit too much to deal with especially when you are on a 5 hour flight.
djames225 1
The cheapskate just lost another customer..sorry but I value my legs and back and wish to use it to depart the plane...yes Ant.."cattle class" is a great description
Ant Miraa 1
A whole new meaning to "cattle class"
siriusloon 2
I think Ryanair's ideal passenger is a double-amputee.

They do appeal to people looking for cheap flights, but I wonder how their repeat business rate compares with other airlines. What percentage of people who fly with them choose to accept the lack of room and other "services" again after experiencing it once?

The sociopath who runs the airline has on more than one occasion quite seriously suggested that he would like to configure his aircraft with standing room only with no seats at all and he has said he believes that regulators can be convinced to allow it. Obviously, there is no IQ test for anyone prior to becoming an airline CEO.

He's also proposed charging to use the washrooms on the aircraft. How long before he requires a credit card to be swiped through a reader in the armrest before passengers can have their oxygen mask drop down or be able to remove the seat cushion in an emergency?
Eddy Oord 0
He knows that almost all his sayings are bull shit. But he is with this Bull Shit always on the frontpage of the worldwide MAIN NEWS Papers and even TV stations. The cheapest advertising. To pay for all this space and time should cost millions. So who is here the sociopath. His IQ is in this way very developed.
The stupids are the press guys quoting his nonsens.
Quite right - he sounds like a total buffoon but in truth he's a very astute guy. Let's face it, people still flock on to his airplanes so he's doing something right. Pull the belt tight until the patient squeals, then stop.......
so what's new ?
I understand that gates for the planes will have a bar mounted at 5' 4". If you cannot pass under the bar, you will be denied boarding.
siriusloon 3
They won't need seatbelts. Everyone will be crammed in so tightly that they'll not only be safe in a crash, they'll increase the structural integrity of the airframe, too.
Rick: At least you get to ride the roller coaster.


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