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Beijing to Streamline Approval Time for Private Jets

Beijing aims to give aviation a lift by streamlining the time it takes to approve low-altitude flights for private and commercial jets. The air traffic control commission of the State Council and the Central Military Commission agreed to simplify flight approvals for general aviation next year, the PLA Daily reported yesterday. The changes, which apply to all civilian flights except those by scheduled passenger airlines, will be covered in national aviation legislation due to be drafted next… ( Altro...

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preacher1 2
Wow; 1000 meters or less; 3000' or less. That'll be a trip in a small jet of some kind. That'll have to give somewhere.
China is coming to grips with modern transportation. 30 years ago you had to arrange a Taxi two days in advance. To reserve a seat on a flight you had to put your name on a list at the airport you wanted to fly from. If you were in Beijing and wanted a seat from Shanghai to Hong Kong, you had to send a minion in Shanghai go to the airport and sign you up.

Now that Google Earth has rendered the military desire to prevent accurate maps to be public moot, General Aviation can get off the ground. Most so called private planes now are actually owned by large state run enterprises. There are seeds of Ag planes taking root, and banking is chafing for private jets.


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