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P-51 Mustang Restoration Includes Operational .50cal Machine Guns (Video)

There are few crafts that demand such attention to detail as high-end aircraft restoration. Millions of dollars are plowed into aircraft in horrible shape, some even pulled from glaciers or the sea, and they are meticulously rebuilt by hand. One P-51 owner in particular wanted his Mustang to go a step further than all others- operational .50cal machine guns. ( Altro...

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Direct link to video:
wylann 2 bloody cool!
Now we're talkin!
Unless you have been around .50 cal firing you have no idea how loud that is. I was fortunate to have fired a quad 50 on a mount while in Korea in the early 70's. This is 30% louder.
The most beautiful war bird ever put together.
The most beautiful war bird ever assembled.
That is awesome. While he may not be shooting down anyone, it is cool that an old warbird was fixed up and is completely operational.


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