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Observation decks

Where they are and when they are open. Obviously only the user friendly airports appear on this list. ( Altro...

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I used to like going to the Melbourne Airport's Observation Deck, but this confirms it is no more as it's not in this listing. A shame, because many visitors are interested in the comings and goings of jet aircraft. They park in various viewing spots around the airport for a good view and to experience the roar of the jets passing over.
Brisbane should get an observation deck back in the International airport. I used to love the original airport as a kid, and going to see all the jets up close coming and going. It would make a great attraction!
Brad Littlejohn 1
Funny thing here is that no US airports are mentioned. Especially with not only just an observation deck, but an entire parking area devoted to planespotting and listening to ATC.

KLAS has this, on Sunset Road, parallel to runways 8R/26L and 8L/26R. ATC is piped over your normal FM band radio to listen directly to the tower as well. I haven't seen any other airport have this. Oh, wait: I have. KVGT, 10 miles northwest of KLAS. Has a full park tucked between the approach ends of 12R and 7, with ATC over the radio there as well.
ToddBaldwin3 1
I seem to be confused by your comment, I saw Atlanta, Baltimore, DFW, Grand Rapids, Honolulu, LAX, Minneapolis/St. Paul, JFK, and Raleigh Durham all mentioned.
bizprop 1
Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Palm Beach Intl (PBI), Nashville (BNA), Cincinnati (CVG) all have observations areas. I’m sure there are more. There are plenty of smaller general aviation fields that also have observation areas in the US. Palwaukee (PWK) and Fort Lauderdale Exec (FXE) are two that spring to mind.
Unfortunately we all have to bow down to what the damn Yanks want !
Means it wont happen as no-one has the courage to stand up to them without being called a "terrorist" and having their country invaded
bizprop 1
I fail to see what this has to do with the US? Not mention of it in the article. Each airport sets its own rules concerning observation areas. If it doesn’t make them money then most airports usually aren’t interested in providing observation areas.


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