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$3m collision between Virgin and Jetstar planes at Melbourne Airport blamed on cost cutting

A COLLISION between two aircraft that caused up to $3 million damage at Melbourne Airport could have been far more serious had the impact been a metre closer to a spinning engine, airport sources claim. A direct hit by a reversing Virgin aircraft on to the running auxiliary power unit at the rear of the Jetstar A380 might have caused spinning components to fly out of engine casings and the potential for fire, Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers' Association president Paul Cousins said. ( Altro...

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1. Media should check before they publish
2. I'm not a pilot, but I travel enough to know that push back should not have happened, until the area was checked. It only takes a pair of eyes, with a brain behind them, no matter what their pay rate is.
Wow, such lousy reporting.. It's an A320, not 380! There are no engine parts involved to spin off or catch fire, just the exhaust stack of the APU.. Damage to the Virgin aircraft was very minimal.
Andy Tyler 7
jetstar having an A380...hahaha funniest thing ive ever read
That's what I was thinking.

When regional airlines that provide feeder traffic to parent airline start using A380s, we'll be in a very different aviation world.
As planes are getting larger, there have increasingly been more and more incidents that 2 or more planes have tried to occupy the same space (either on the ramp or out on the taxiways to and from the terminal).

Somebody has to look. If if's on the ramp, the ramp rats moving the plane should be looking for potential collisions.

Out on the airfield (and also useful on the ramp) the pilots could use assistance from cams mounted on the wing tips, tail and gear).

Still, remembering to look is not rocket science. It shouldn't require a university diploma to move a plane on a ramp. It does require good vision (with it without corrective lens) and it requires a good memory to remember to look each and every time a plane is moved.
Not the Pilot's fault. I was referring to the "ramp rats"...
Somebody forgot to look.
Someone's going to lose their No Claim Bonus.
Someone forgot to look =
Someone is going to lose their job
If my has the warning system that advises me that the other auto's too close is it over the top that a million dollar aircraft is fitted with just another warning device.---------How embarrassing for the Pilot I hope he was insured .
The ramp rats did the backing up. Wasn't the pilot's doing.
This is hard to understand. You have millions wrapped up in capital equipment. You then pay the least amount possible to protect it. It's the same old story, you pretend to pay them, and they pretend to work.
canuck44 -2
To put in context, the engineering union was not too pleased when they were replaced on the ramps with non-engineers. Everything bad will be the fault of that decision by management...sort of like the Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever religion.
btweston 1
I question your reasoning.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Hi Andrew, I googled the rego on the 320 (VH-VGR) and I think it's only a few years old so unlikely to be ex-Ansett in this case. Rgds, Paul
AccessAir 1
And you, Andrew, putting a curse on them wont make it any better.
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2 Aircraft bump into each other @ Melbourne Airport

Minor bingle between two jets @ Melbourne Airport
Apologies if a repost.


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