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Historic WWII aircraft restored at NLR Airport

A pair of pilots in North Little Rock are chasing their dream of restoring a historic DC-3 aircraft. ( Altro...

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I remember a couple of years back there was talk of restoring a DC-3 back to Lake Central colors...maybe around the Ohio/Kentucky area. Anyone ever heard of that?
joel wiley 2
when they get it certified, how soon before you get checked out on it?
Best of success on getting it flying.
preacher1 2
That one ain't my bag. They are too much like work.LOL
Toby Sharp 1
Thanks for the post Wayno! Keep us updated with their progress.
This type is still working everyday out of Anchorage and Alaska destinations. Common sight lined up on the numbers in front of the big modern freighter birds. Spare parts allowing a few more years yet. Brillaint innovative engineering work done by true wrenchers of the highest calibre.


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