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Rivera Crash Related to Maintenance Issues?

Two civil lawsuits against the company that owns the private jet that crashed Sunday in northern Mexico -- presumably killing music star Jenni Rivera -- accuse the firm of lying about its links to a businessman convicted of falsifying maintenance records. ( Altro...

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Rivera Plane Crash Shines Spotlight on Charter Flight Safety

Jenni Rivera's plane crash in Mexico has brought into question the safety of fharter flights given the number of artists and musicians who've been killed or injured in aircraft collisions.
sparkie624 -2
This is bad... There is no acceptable reason for this. Of course, even with the bad maintenance history does not mean that is why the plane crash... Trying to assume that too early in the game only hampers the investigation... Right now, no one really knows... It could be as simple as CFIT.... By looking at the article there is not much info. Info I would like to see, is the wreckage in a tight area, or spread over a long distance. If a long distance, it broke up before landing, if it is in a tight area the it probably crashed in tact.

If we want to speculate, it could be as simple as the singer wanted to see what it was like to fly the plane, and the crew not able to recover it. We all know how stupid people can be.

Note to zowen11 - The title you post here makes it look conclusive, the title of the real article is much difference. The owner was convicted (Past Tense) meaning it was in the past, and all could have been repaired/fixed long prior to this flight.
zowen11 1
A question mark does not in any way indicate a confident conclusion. I agree though, that people such as us should not attempt to interpret the incident without any first-hand data or evidence.


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