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The old blokes still got it

Great video footage from the Russian aerobatic team RUSS. Aerobatic team RUSS is the only Russian civil jet formation team. Today the squadron RUSS is a team of the highest international-level pilots. Its membership: the group leader Anatoliy Marunko , Stanislav Dremov , Nickolay Zherebtsov , Michail Kolle , Nickolay Alekseev , Juriy Linchuk . All of the pilots are qualified A-class pilots-instructors and each of them has about 2500 hours experience on different types of aircrafts. ( Altro...

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Excellent video with a great musical score..."Time Will Remember Us".
Wish the dang thing would play.Ohhh man.
Very cool. If the US and Russian have anything in common, its the passion for aviation and aerospace. Great video.
What is the orange box they inserted near the tail of the plane?
cgodkin 1
(Just a guess, hoping to provoke a response from someone who knows!)

Is it something to do with the colored smoke?
tedtimmons 1
Notice the Garmin GPS mounted on the dash 3:31 an again at 4:21.
linbb 1
When they put the 225 back into service some years back they put in US made radio systems and auto pilots I read somewhere. Kind of says how good our products are.


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