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Spitfires buried in Burma during war to be returned to UK

Twenty iconic Spitfire aircraft buried in Burma during the Second World War are to be repatriated to Britain after an intervention by David Cameron. “They were just buried there in transport crates,” Mr Cundall said. “They were waxed, wrapped in greased paper and their joints tarred. They will be in near perfect condition.” ( Altro...

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I hope "Discovery Channel" or BBC do a documentary on this.
Simply astonishing! I wish them Godspeed and anxiously await photos of this expedition!!
Right? Would love to see these babies fly. Wondering if we have some B-17s, Mustangs or some Hueys packed away anywhere.
There are reputed to be a collection of US Wartime aircraft buried at an old Wartime RAF Station called Fradley Airport near Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK.
What an amazing find! A true treasure trove of aviation history! Good luck!
and it's all down to one man - he deserves every credit for his determination
Well, finally the RAF will be sporting new aircradt!
Exciting to say the least.Can't wait to see the outcome.According to the story on there maybe at least 3 more sites.Amazing.
What? No pictures? Man would I love to fly in one of them!
I hope David Cundall gets the just recognition he deserves for his tenacity with the Burma Spitfires.As normal everything now has to be funded from the "Private Sector).Perhaps this might come under the National Lottery as "Good Causes"??????
Good show! 40' is really deep.
oowmmr 1
I'd like to see his dream of an air show...
eagle5719 1
Having been in TV broadcasting, I'm always thinking what would make an important television show. I think if an organization like the History Channel followed and taped the search details, the digging up, and if they're in good shape, the donation of one Spitfire to a Burmese museum, the shipping, the work back in the UK to get them flying again and maybe a flight or two with a camera in the cockpit and whatever else they could add, would be a presentation that no one would want to miss. Especially in the UK.
All those WWII materials were coated in Cosmoline and that was a "Tarpaint" it took
many man hours to remove it, so I'm sure all those planes are "Mint"!
This has got to be the "best find" of the year ... An iconic symbol of WW II and possibly, nea rmint condition ? Pehaps if they were shipped in metal containers .. Can only imagine the impact it would have on the Queen, for her to see these again flying the skies of London !
Fantastic! I have seen one in the air and it is a real thrill.
Fantastic job! I hope to see as soon as possible these wonderful planes flying again!
J.J. Lasne 1
This is awesome! One of the great aircraft of WWII with the Mustang.
Boy, I wouldn't mind seeing these flying around again. Gorgeous planes!
Sweet, what a find...better than Indiana Jones & The Holy Grail adventure!!!
Can't wait to see the video. Can't believe they weren't dug up sooner.
Daryl Hone 1
Will donate my time free to help recover and assemble these babies,one of my life time dreams to be involved in a once in a life time opportunity
National Geo. I hope you are in on this. This is the photo op of a lifetime
It appears that greed may have reared its ugly head, according to this updated article in the Telegraph:

Still, let's all hope that the recovery process will allow these wonderful old birds to fly at some point! (And perhaps, everyone will eventually do the right things by and for one another.)
Mike Odell 1
Hope this has nothing to do with it being April 1st.
Here's the latest update, still from a couple of weeks back...
I hope that Mr Cameron has the foresight to insure that at least one of these Spitfires join the ranks of the BBMF,so that future generations can appreciate and understand the sacrifice made by those young RAF pilots all those years ago.Due to there sacrifice we live in a free democratic country.I salute them all.
Amen Martin.
ncpilot 1
I would love to fly one.
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British Farmer Finds 20 Spitfires Buried in Shipping Containers from 1945

British farmer went searching for rumored buried Spitfires .
Any one know where we might find some P-51s buried some where some one forgot about.
krahmerica 1
I hope Mr. Cundall has his "interest" in the value of the aircraft in writing backed by a good legal team or I see a pat on the back and a certificate of appreciation in his future. Imagine the scores of entities planning to take credit and/or ownership of this! Great story.
This guy spent a lot of money..he deserves to get it back plus......reckon collectors will be rushing around with open cheque books. Anyone? £1.5 million each?
This is truly exciting. Can you imagine what it would be like to come across a cache of other WWII aircraft in shipping crates and never had been utilized in the war effort.
It would be a dream come true , or maybe a Spielberg movie, if the planes were in perfect condition. However, I suspect the boxes are rotted and crushed from the weight of 30 to 40 feet of soil, and the aluminum (aluminium) likely misshapen and corroded. Maybe there will be enough good parts to reconstruct a few aircraft. As the engines are made of iron, a few bags of desiccant might be good for a few years, but 70?
Needless to say, I hope I am unduly pessimistic, and I'm waiting anxiously for news.
Fantastic find!
What an air display that would be ....
Now if we could only find an original Concorde ina similar state ...
I forgot to add my thanks to Mr. Cundall for his admirable determination in finding the planes. His story would surely make a wonderful book.
When I flew for Air Micronesia there were some Japanese Planes in like condition found on some of the Marshal Islands and repatriated to Australia by some collectors.
I also hope the British Government or some British Aviation Cos help out with funds.
Don't have any. Was told of the operation by the Royal Family on Majuro. We traded cases of Coors for boxes of live lobsters
What a find!The UK now has a complete squadron-again!Tally Ho!!!!
I hope they're still intact! Previous time capsule projects such as this haven't turned out so well...
I suspect these buried Spits are probably rusted away, but if they were properly sealed from the elements then there's a chance they're alright.
According to propwash; "It's believed the 20 planes will be in near perfect condition as they were buried in their shipping containers waxed,
wrapped in greased paper, and with their joints tarred." so it sounds like they really will be able to fly again!
These airframes are aluminium not steel!! and the engines were usually inhibited properly and then covered in thick silver foil with silica gel in large ( 1 lb cotton bags stowed around the engine and thoroughly sealed)
JD345 -4
What is with British articles?

They're so annoying to read.

They don't use paragraphs.

Instead, they write one line before a break.

Come on.

It feels like whoever wrote it was out of breath.

Anyway, given how these things usually go, they're probably water-logged rusty hulks. Hopefully that isn't the case, though and they're at least in restorable condition.
How about your big gaps between lines???
Spitfires wwere aluminium...does not rust
What a great story. Will they put the planes on display for the public?
Mike Odell 1
Hope this isn't an April fools trick.
Mike Odell 0
I used to look at Spit's flying around London when I was Kid and just the mention of the name 'Spitfire' brings back so many memories of the dog fights I saw and thanks to that plane we were saved from being destroyed buy the V-1. I had posted earlier that I hoped it was not an April fool's gag and I sure hope not but being English I am aware of the twisted sense of humor over there.


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