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Rolls-Royce to check 380 Trent 1000 engines already in service

London - Technical problems at Rolls-Royce are putting pressure on Boeing and airline operators across the world. The British engine manufacturer wants to carry out further inspections for Trent 1000 engines in the C package already installed on B787 aircraft. The checks will be made on 380 Trent 1000 turbines. ( Altro...

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Gee i wonder what this means.? not a good thing when the manufacturer wants to inspect already in service engines.
but better to ground a plane ✈️ to check it out then to backtrack after a major mishap..
chalet 1
Does anyone know what is the actual -not list- prices that large customers have paid for the RR 1000. Same question for the GE GEnx engines. I am told that RR sold them very cheap in order to grab market share and that eventually through spare parts and tech assistance they would recover investment and start making money. Insofar the GEnx, it is being circulated for a few years now that they were not sold that cheaply for GE considered that this engine was superior. Well the jury seems to have made a decision insofar reliability.
isardriver 1
well, it is fan blade related and rolls royce complains that it will set them back roughly 500 million in the next two years - so be it - fix it, don't put people at risk
sparkie624 1
Speaking of an article that doesn't say much.... there is a problem with the engine, but not saying what it is... Must be pretty severe as they won't allow 2 effected engines on the same aircraft!
belzybob -4
Just something wearing out quicker than intended, no reason to cause chaos by grounding.


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