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EASA Issues Airbus A350 Lightning Protection Directive For 13 Jets

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued a proposed airworthiness directive (AD) that relates to the Expanded Copper Foil (ECF) on 13 Airbus A350s. The regulator has preliminarily warned that the material that offers lighting protection may have not been installed properly on these widebodies’ wing covers. ( Altro...

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bentwing60 5
I predict this A.D. won't end with 13 airframes, the camels nose is in the tent.
jeff slack 1
I will not read a Simple Flying article but I appreciate your comment and could not agree with you more...................
bentwing60 1

I did not base my comment on the simply stupid article by another simply stupid "journalist", the photos. and # of affected operators from the above referenced article from another lefty rag are evidence of a systemic problem as opposed to a local one.

With that in mind, SStupid has a relatively open comment board with a few Av Savvy responders that routinely correct the "journalists" and enlighten more than the entire article referenced. cheers!


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