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FAA Fines Boeing $6.6Million Over Compliance and Quality-Control Lapses

The Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday said it fined Boeing $5.4 million after the aircraft manufacturer failed to meet the terms of a 2015 settlement and another $1.21 million to settle two other safety-related cases. ( Altro...

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ADXbear 2
Pocket change for Boeing or they would have complied with orders.
Jasper Buck 4
Boeing has complied with many, but not all, of the FAA/Boeing agreed to changes and corrections from the 2017 and 2019 inspections and agreements. Unfortunately Boeing has failed to live up to its part of the bargain by still allowing unauthorized staff to sign off on work being performed on the 787 at the factory in Charleston. Eventually they'll get the message. Maybe even before Airbus buys Boeing. And fires a lot of managers. And moves the entire operation to Charleston. ;-)

Robert Cowling 2
Hah! They would likely be bought by a hedge funder, and stripped bare and sold for scrap.

Just wait for a 787, or the next Max crash. Only a fool would buy Boeing stock after that.

There are serious problems at Boeing, and they have existed for over a decade, and have festered and boiled to the surface. A complete shutdown, and reboot is in order. Engineering IS job one. That idiot CEO was a stupid ass for pulling Boeing engineers off the line. They ARE Boeing. And science is real. On a computer, you can cut and paste engines all day, and piss on your workers too, but in the end, physics is a bitch. It's not investor cheers that are keeping those planes in the sky...

What airline was it that was allowing mechanics to certify their own repairs? That might work in a car, but a plane? 'Certification' used to mean something. Like 'regulation' and 'penalties'.
linbb 1
Bull they dont want bad press so your comment is not correct.
Robert Cowling 1
Not that they don't want bad PR, they think they can come out on top of any bad PR. In a 'fact free' world, they can spin and lie with impunity and likely emerge the victim of the next crash(s).

Look how many people believed the lie that all of the pilots of the crashed planes were 'untrained' and 'incompetent'. That it was THEY that crashed the plane. Even after test pilots and American carrier pilots had said they too had experienced the effects of the software bandaid.

And Boeing has been 'whitewashed' and appears to have risen from the problems, slightly tarnished, but like the phoenix, is flying again. They got away with playing to investors over passenger safety. They won. As they move forward, they will be forgiven. They will play victim to Airbus. They will flounce their way to profitability, and have not learned a damn thing.

The only thing standing in their way to a profit rich future is the next crash.


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