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Flying taxi startup Joby Aviation plans NYSE debut with help from Reid Hoffman

It feels like we’ve been hearing about our brave new future of flying taxis forever. Experts insist the skies will be filled with them soon enough, but for now, one of the biggest hurdles is noise pollution. Urban dwellers who have to deal with the obnoxious sound of noisy air traffic on a regular basis will not exactly be thrilled with the idea of hearing thousands of helicopters in the air. Joby Aviation, a startup based in Santa Cruz, California, has been working on a quieter fix. For the… ( Altro...

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Roy Hunte 1
Methinks Reid Hoffman has his fingers in too many pies.
linbb 0
And will happen when hell freezes over too many things stand in the way. Countless problems will be there to prevent it. Might happen out in the middle of the desert. Fly fly away flying car fans.


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