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FedEx To Retire Its Remaining MD-10s By 2023

Global freight business FedEx appears set to retire its remaining Boeing MD-10s by 2023. FedEx currently flies a fleet of 17 MD-10s. But buried in FedEx’s second-quarter report for the 2021 fiscal year is the news FedEx will be phasing the planes out over the next couple of years. ( Altro...

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Alex Sullivnan 12
Sad but understandable. Please send one of these birds to a museum - ideally N306FE.

Long live the DC-10.
Dave Steele 2
Your plane?
you mean long live the tri jet
Fred Knight 3
How about buying one of the shells and turning it into a house.
skylab72 2
There are already several (already retired) out on the California high-desert. Make a bid.
jptq63 3
A few interesting things I view: 1) The number of feeder (i.e. turbo prop - ATR72 & Cessna C408) aircraft being added vs. Trunk (Jet - 767F & 777F) being a 80 vs. 31 (net add) 2) Cargo capacity (in lbs) being 828k vs. 4,315k 3) No decision on what / how to deal with the 757. The chart clearly shows how the 757 really fill a spot no other aircraft (i.e. A310 being closest match in weight difference) really would fit. Wonder if they will fly 2 or 3 ATR72s to fill the void as needed; do think they could handle some of the routes, but not the long distance flights and better (my view) a fuller aircraft vs. less full. Anyone have numbers on the A320F (conversions or dedicate) capacity? An A220-500F version maybe?
judgecarlrussell 2
How about a timeshare in Marana, AZ boneyard. Just kidding.
FlyBoyDC10 2
The trusty (after all the fixes) DC-10. Certified for 3 crewmembers. That was the only way I would fly one. I actually flew one on the last real FEDEX DC-10's to the boneyard in January 2009. Never was a fan of converting to 2-man Heavy Jet. R.I.P.
Gabrielle Paladino 2
Thank you for saying outright what I have always suspected about flying the DC-10s, as in not converting them to a 2 man Heavy!! Here in California we operate them in firefighting—- and we desperately need more. My opinion only: the safest bird out there once they got the fixes ironed out.
A friend of mine that occasionally fly them calls them "The Beast".
The DC-10 (National Airlines) was the first Jumbo I flew on MIA to ORL.
The captain put my younger brother of five years up into the #1 intake.
Great memory.


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