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Flight Attendants Demand MAX Assurances

Canadian flight attendants have served notice to Transport Canada that they expect to be consulted before the Boeing 737 MAX is returned to service ( Altro...

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Highflyer1950 2
Give them all the information available including certification and training documents so they are well informed when the aircraft returns to service Then business as usual, if they refuse to fly on a max then their employment is terminated for cause! Moreover, F/A’s have to feel safe but if the FAA/TC deems the aircraft safe to return as well as agreement from the pilots then they have a job to do, then if not feel free to resign.
canuck44 2
Because they have so many aeronautical experts in their midst.. Simple enough to solve. Have those who wish sign up for the MAX program with a pay hike and those signed up move up on the roster for bidding on non-MAX flights.. If they don't sign up, they get moved to the discount roster or are the first to go for cut backs..
airuphere 1
Exactly. Are they planning on chining in on the certification.. jeez


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