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Airbus Forecasts Need For 7000 A220’s In The Next 20 Years

Airbus has made a mammoth prediction that the global market will need over 7,000 Airbus A220 regional aircraft across the next 20 years. ( Altro...

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canuck44 3
Another great business decision by Boeing which could have picked up the entire company at a bargain price.
Cansojr 3
Fortunately Boeing didn't have their thinking caps on throughout the whole menagerie of stunts they tried in order destroy the C-Series Aircraft. What they attempted to do to Bombardier went all over a stunned corporate board at Boeing Commercial Airplanes an to some extent the military has be shaken. There is no way on earth for them to sell 5000 737N8 aircraft. The smart money is headed to Airbus. And an obscure Airbus/Bombardier venture in state of the art comfortable
aircraft in the 21st century.
Smart money lol, like the dead A380?
Such an amazing aircraft! So beautifully styled, so fuel efficient, quite and CLEAN. Having flown Boeing aircraft all my commercial career, I know that the Max issues are going to cause a paradigm shift. At least for the foreseeable future - this jet is just too good on all levels.
= 350 aircraft a year or approx. 1 plane rolling off the final assembly every day. Airbus made the deal of the century when they picked up the CSeries programs for 1$.
MSU Sparty -3
I think is staffed by the PR Dept at Airbus. That's all they write. Can I remind all the A380 is a fail and being shutdown. The A350 is still operating at a loss and needs immense cost cutting to turn a profit. 7000 NEW AIRCRAFT is a ginormous number over and above the Boeing and Airbus backlog of 737 and A320 airframes.


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