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SQ PILOT & STEWARDESS grounded after she sat in first officer’s chair and he took photo of her

SIA captain, stewardess grounded after she sat in first officer’s chair and he took photo of her Singapore Airlines (SIA) said the happened on Jan 12, 2019, during SIA Flight SQ207 to Melbourne. SINGAPORE – A Singapore Airlines (SIA) captain has been grounded since Feb 1 after he allowed a stewardess to sit on the first officer’s chair and took a photo for her. ( Altro...

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Lapp dance?
I've seen two female passengers enter the cockpit of a charter flight because they were a friend of the pilot, one after the other, on the return flight after a relaxing holiday the two same girls where there again, this time they both holed up in the cockpit and only came out just before the final descent. Of course it is not allowed but I think we should not get too upset about it, where's the romance of flying? I can tell you a more shocking story still.
Poor judgement! Should have waited until on the ground at the gate. However, nice try with that excuse! Of course in the good days, the F/A would have handed the F/O a cloth and said here you go!


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