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American A319 at Washington on May 29th 2024, rejected takeoff due to operational error

An American Airlines Airbus A319-100, registration N812AW performing flight AA-2134 from Washington National,DC to Boston,MA (USA), was cleared for takeoff from runway 01. At the same time a King Air was cleared to land on crossing runway 33. ( More...

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Cleffer 7
"the King Air advised they could not go around anymore as they were already on the ground."

Situational awareness...
Frank DeLeon 4
It's not my FAA anymore. Wow, compound the obvious error by telling an aircraft already on the ground to go around. Lord have mercy.
far more important to the current Administration to have "diversity and equality" than competence. For example, didn't I read somewhere, just the other day, that math and engineering study is "racist"?
As long as this society just goes along with it, nothing will change. As long as they continue getting their booze, drugs and sex, they could care less. We have front-row seats to a society circling the drain.


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