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Boeing To Open African Headquarters in Ethiopia

US-based global aerospace giant Boeing has announced on Monday that it will open its African headquarters in Ethiopia. The decision puts an end to speculation about South Africa and Kenya being the preferred locations to host the continental branch. ( More...

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Paul Tormey 4
@mbrews - really more politically stable than Nairobi and Joburg?
mbrews 1
First, I have not visited any recently. Suffice to say, Boeing made a choice of an African continent HQ. I don’t know details of the decision. But I do know - Ethiopian is a major operator of Boeing wide bodies. Both Passenger and freighter types. Which likely influenced the decision about location
siriusloon 6
Returning to the scene of the crime?
mbrews 2
Boeing bashing is fashionable, and I have my own gripes about the MAX debacles.

Its' useful to consider things from a business perspective.

Perhaps a lesson has been learned - for Boeing to improve capacity for pilot and maintenance training in an important market region.
Tom Bruce 1
its the "business perspective" that's killed them
mbrews 2
Sensible choice. Centrally located, and more politically stable than Joberg or Nairobi. Just IMO. As many know, Ethiopian Air is a major customer of Boeing wide bodies.

Mootaz Elnozahy 3
More stable than Joberg? Ethiopia has been gripped in a civil war over the past two years. And centrally located? Did you inspect a map lately?
Brian Freeman 2
Yeah, if I were Boeing, I'd probably hide out in some Third World country too until all this blows over...
D Rotten -6
And Boeing wonders why it's planes keep 'falling out of the sky'/blow up/keep falling apart???
Christine Smith 4
What’s the hysterical part?


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