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Huron County Airport

I read the article on the Huron County Airport and felt the reporter did a fair and honest piece on the subject. I agree 100% that Stephanie Swann prepared a fair and professional letter to the Huron County Commissioners. Ms. Swann is one of the most professional and knowledgeable people in the FAA ADO. I was also in attendance at the Ohio Aviation Association airport conference and felt that Sue Schalk threw Huron County under the bus. She was very evasive and almost admonished Huron County… ( Altro...

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This is a perfect example of short sightedness and mis-education. As an Airport Manager, I am extremely lucky to have great support from the local community and our sponsoring government, but I am well aware that there are other airport managers out there who do not share this luxury. It is our job to get out into the community and properly educate residents as to the true value of having an airport because once they are gone, there is typically no bringing them back. It has been proven time and time again that a community with an airport and good support for the airport is at a distinct advantage over a similar community without either. I can say with absolute certainty that without my airport 3 of the area's largest employers would not have located those businesses in my community, the largest of those being Nissan North America. Without that type of business, this community would be severely crippled. As it is, this community is thriving! Support your local airport!!
This was a very informative article and I hope that it receives more press. There is nothing worse
than misrepresentation from politicians whose salaries are paid by the taxpayers that are not being fully informed. This is stealing, malfeasance, and the worst representation of being neutral which the Commissioners are supposed to be in helping their County grow. Please continue to get this story out to the public taxpayers. We are not building new general aviation airports and that is why
it is very important to keep this one open. The two business, the airport and the raceway can live together in the same location. It is just Mr. Bader that is a very greedy owner.
This was a well-written article. I think it should have included the cost of replacing the airport, which in today's market, would be in excess of $50 million and 10 years to complete!

Mr. Silcox's statement saying he does not know the airport's annual cost nor annual gross revenues it takes in makes it perfectly clear that he is incompetent. This is county property!! He also said he would not release $5,000.00 for the county's annual budgeted funds for the airport yet he thinks a net loss of $1,480,000.00 and the loss of the airport would be a wise move for the county??
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This article was much more complete, informative, and accurate than those in the local paper. Thank you for publishing all of the facts so clearly.

I am appalled by the way the local and federal officials have been conducting themselves. It makes me ponder their motivation. The Commissioners need to keep 5A1 open and support it properly in order to help ALL of the businesses in the county. To allow the airport facilities to deteriorate and to set it up for failure by not staffing it or supporting it financially is an incredible waste of the taxpayers' money which has already been invested.
This is a well written article with all the facts finally in print, I wish more of the public would have access. The commissioners have stated time and time again that the airport is not supporting economic development nor bring jobs to the area and therefore should be sold. The airport is a TOOL for economic development not it's sole purpose. The commissioners, like the area businesses have, should learn how to use the tool effectively to grow the economy. If this is not happening it is not the fault of the airport, it's the fault of the people not using the tool. There is an opportunity here for the airport and the racetrack to co-exsist and prosper if people would think out of the box and develop a plan. Successful race venues have airport close, or attached, to improve their business. Successful businesses utilize airports, like this one, to continue their success and reduce their cost. It's a win-win situation just waiting to happen. Everyone needs to get off the soapbox, work together, and make it happen.


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