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FAA to Scrutinize Boeing's 737 MAX Production Lines in Renton After Fuselage Blowout

The FAA has launched a thorough inspection of Boeing's 737 MAX production lines, both at the Renton factory and at Spirit AeroSystems in Wichita. ( More...

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Dan Nelson 11
Send the bill for this FAA safety oversight to Boeing and not the taxpayers.
Sheldon Lang 4
Great. But who can really believe that their lack of QC and all the other safety issues are only restricted to the 737 MAX series? The corporate culture at Boeing is so misaligned (dangerous), that it's very likely other production lines could be easily susceptible to similar incidents. You won't catch me on any Boeing product unless it's entirely unavoidable.
Bill Overdue -2
The FAA should camp out on the assembly lines until Boeing explains how diversity makes planes safer!
Mike Dryden 2
Well... the trail of (now rich) white guys with the Welchian business backgrounds at the top are a pretty good advertisement for how more of the same isn't making the product any safer. Where I come from, they usually put a woman in charge of basket-case businesses that keep screwing up. Makes it easier for guys like you to pull out the sexist card when they can't fix a decade or more of decline in six months.
Bill Overdue -1
Hmm, still hung over from last night?
Mike Dryden 1
Well whaddayaknow... Boeing name Stephanie Pope as new CEO, Boeing employee for 30 years.
Dave Mathes 0
...FAA to 'scrutinize' Boeings production, that sends shivers down my
Patrick Hanley 0
It is not just Boeing. On an Alaska flight to Cancun a year ago, I looked out the window to see the top covering of the flap track housing missing. This was an A321, now retired from Alaska. I am not a pilot or engineer but a piece of a plane's wing missing was pretty alarming. Taking pictures, I could see at least 15 rivets missing from that part. I quietly notified the flight attendant who spoke with the pilot. He said the crew was aware and was nothing to be concerned about. I doubt that plane was repaired in Cancun and continued on to the next destination.

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Bill Overdue 11
Depends, how many times is Boeing going to put lives in danger?
Gavin Waters 5
As many times as it takes to force Boeing to make safe airplanes, or they can I suppose go out of business if that's not possible. Previous two and current management have not been able to fix it and its an indictment that the FAA has to come in to find the faults now. Its not just the 737 according to whistle-blowers.
Bill Overdue -5
No doubt it's embedded throughout the organization. Clearly, it's a business philosophy. "It's" is DEI!
Bill Overdue 0
Straight from Boeing website:

What is the Boeing diversity and inclusion strategy?
To advance equity and diversity and build a culture of inclusion, we have established a set of aspirations we will strive to achieve by 2025: Increase the Black representation rate in the U.S. by 20%. Achieve parity in retention rates of all groups. Close representation gaps for historically underrepresented groups.


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