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Amerijet turns tables on Korean Air for opposing commercial permit

A tit-for-tat trade skirmish has broken out between Amerijet, a small cargo airline in the U.S., and massive Korean Air. ( More...

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Eric Kulisch 6
Countries typically look out for their own when they can. But we'll see if the U.S. pushes back.
Ren Babcock 4
What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
avionik99 4
We have always had good business relations with S Korea. Why do they want to screw that up now.

21voyageur 6
Don't confuse business and politics.
loubearr 2
Just remind them that North Korea is right next door
This is just a shot across the bow.

MOLIT won't know if it *wants* scheduled cargo flights until the Asiana issues are resolved. If Korea air needs to spin off Asiana's cargo business then MOLIT will be sensitive about competition until the new company is either profitable or a clear basket-case. Once that is sorted Amerijet will get their answer. This only gets serious if either the DoJ comes up with merger conditions more onerous than the EU's or Amerijet files a civil suit against the merger. Only then will things become truly ugly.


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