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United reportedly close to an agreement with Boeing to order dozens of Dreamliners

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — According to an article published by the Wall Street Journal, United Airlines might be close to a deal with Boeing to order dozens of B787 Dreamliners. An agreement between the Chicago-based carrier and Boeing could be inked before the year-end. ( More...

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godutch 13
The 767 is a beautiful old workhorse...but I flew 767-300s to and from Naples, Italy this October - they are PAST tired. Most of the '300s are 29 to 31 years old. It's time. "Maintenance issues" are now becoming safety issues...
Chuck Kelly 3
My favorite plane for passenger experience.
We flew RT ORD-DUB in October. An incredibly sweet ride.
Donald Doyle 1
With aìrport fees going up at most international airports and the price of a ticket increasing I wonder if buying large aircraft at this time is a good idea.
Valerie Scott 1
Gotta love the 787. recently flew Fiji Airways A330 and A350( LAX - NAN). Both were very impressive, comfortable, modern aircraft(love the IFE). Both are on par with the 787 - perhaps just a touch better ?
Thomas Francl -3
Why do U.S. Airlines continue to purchase/lease foreign-made aircraft? Why rely on unreliable foreign governments that will ruin our country in the long run? It's about time that we take care of our own people with good jobs and a healthy economy.
David Beattie 4
We buy foreign aircraft because they are capable and competitive. I’m not afraid of France and Germany turning on us anytime soon. Airbus is a big contributor to their economy just as Boeing is to ours. Also, if we buy only US made aircraft, the airlines are dealing with a single supplier which is also risky. If you are talking about Chinese or Russian airliners, I would agree about the risk.
Dubslow 2
The best path to a healthy economy is healthy competition -- and lets be honest, Boeing isn't healthy at all. Protectionism does more harm than good in the long run
matt jensen -4
IMHO - a waste of money. Wish they'd concentrate on on-time and good service
Thomas Francl 3
UAL & good service is an oxymoron.
Stephen Gordon 3
At United the schedule is only a suggestion.
C J 1
I mean, as far as domestic carriers go would you Prefer Southwest, Spirit or American??
Scott Campbell 1
20 years and over a million miles on United - I just don't find this to be true, Delta has a slight lead service wise, but city pairs are what I'm after. And during the pandemic had to learn and all new game, Delta would be the top, United a close second, and AA dead last.
I have to go with major players. And United has Route network on all 3. Diamond and 1K and nothings perfect.
Chris B -1
How many of the built or improperly built 787’s are actually wanted by their original buyer?
United’s long distance fleet needs replacements fast! . They sent one of their 767 to be repainted, but ended up scraping it due to corrosion. Very dangerous
David Beattie 0
Thank you Chicken Little.
Brian Ratcliff 0
There is more to that story than just an older airplane.


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