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Korean Air And Lufthansa Bringing Back Their A380s

Both Lufthansa and Korean Air have announced plans to reintroduce their A380s into active service. ( More...

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Leander Williams 4
Seems like everyone wrote the A380 off prematurely. More and more airlines are returning theirs to mainline service.
Dennis Stockton 2
How many hours do you wait for your luggage after your A380 lands?
jeff slack 1
From someone who has flown the a380 from Sydney to Auckland with Emirates (service discontinued before the pan-de-monium started) more times than most have had a hot breakfast in their lives .......... bag retrieval is so quick.


Between QANTAS and Emirates, they have the servicing of this oversized beast down to a very fine art ......I wait longer for my bag from an ANZ Bombardier once in Gisborne than I do for my grip' in Auckland from an a380........... next, let's talk about how comfortable it is to sit down the back of this bus ......... it is, and I only sit up front on five hours and over flights.
Syd-Auk is 3.5 hours and it is beyond pleasant even when full.

I am avowed, 'if it is not Boeing, I am not going'; except when it comes to an a380.
anderson james 1
I actually see no reason why they're parked globally and they could be converted to freighters and come in handy in times of trouble. Thanks to KoreanAir 🇰🇷 and Lufthansa 🇩🇪
James Cox 2
It would be highly inefficient. Remember passengers weigh much less and require more room than cargo. A A380 would reach it's payload limit after putting cargo on the main deck, the 2nd deck would go unused and the entire aircraft would just be larger than necessary, use more fuel than necessary and generally be a bad idea.
Leander Williams 2
The cost would be prohibitive to convert an A380 to cargo. The top desk would not be conducive to hauling freight because I doubt if the dimensions would work AND the top deck cabin floor is designed for passengers who weigh a lot less than freight. I think it would probably less expensive to just design a freighter A380 with strengthened airframe and a designed-from-scratch cargo deck.
jeff slack 1
Not suited as a freighter, floors are the biggest problem with strength and it all falls away from there; Google it, and there is lots to read.


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