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What motivated man to steal Sea-Tac plane, crash on Ketron Island? FBI records released

The man who stole an airplane from Sea-Tac Airport in 2018 seemed unsettled to his loved ones in the week before the theft, which ended when he crashed the plane on Pierce County’s Ketron Island, according to newly released FBI documents. ( Altro...

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Chris Muncy 14
There need to be a rule about posting links to paywalled content.... Just saying...
Totally agree, Chris!
Its easy to bypass a paywall if you take the time to find out how...GOOGLE IS FREE.
But in this case, the entire story leaves you wanting more...its not very dont spend a lot of time.
You can read this article without paying for the privilege...just saying...
ADXbear 5
Nothing new here! We all knew these facts of the case, it's a shame he didn't get mental help, the only good out of this is he didn't kill anyone with or by him.
I feel sorry for him. In this case it turned out to be a high profile incident with the stealing of the aircraft and all, but there are many others facing the same problem. He had the option to look for help but chose to go this route instead. Feelings of worthlessness are the firsts signs of a depressive mind.

bentwing60 -1
The fib probably gave him the keys!
WHere have we heard that before?

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btweston -1


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