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LaGuardia wins ‘best new airport’ award for its $4B Terminal B

The Queens travel hub’s new $4 billion Terminal B has won this year’s UNESCO Prix Versailles architecture award for the world’s best new air travel facility, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said. ( More...

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Karen Kulow 6
I connected through LGA in October and was impressed with the renovations so far. However my gateway is CLE so it doesn’t take much to impress me.
Alan Zelt 8
Cute new terminal. Still remains a piece of crap getting to and from the City. Not to mention getting to gates. The only thing they have accomplished is making it easier to sell stuff. Won't catch using LGA.
I must be arriving and departing at some weird time, +/-20 years of flights in and out of LGA; never had a problem that I hadn't had anywhere else ! ! !
AAaviator 3
Pearls before swine?
Haven't flown from there since the renovation. Looks nice from the parkway, but its still LGA. Only so much land to work with, and just 2 intersecting runways.
The design solved the issues with ramp space, somewhat ingeniously. And no one wants more runways. The project has been an amazing thing to watch under construction while they keep the existing terminals in use.
ADXbear 2
It count do anything but go up.. but good or them..
jeff slack 4
.............any one see the new design for JFK?
I think it is as hopeless as LGA has turned out.

Why can't the USA build airports that are like the ones we get to use overseas, especially; China, HK, Singapore?
James Simms 2
Because most are land locked, so to speak, London’s Heathrow as a great example. As of last week on 16 Dec, only received approval from the courts. They’d been trying since September 2008 to get it built. Any new airport close in to anywhere is a non starter. NIMBY’s, enviro-wackos, the list goes on & on; unless like Denver, out in the middle of nowhere.
James Simms 1
Correction: Heathrow had been attempting a third runway since September 2012
I'm a cynical New Yorker. Like everything else here, it looks nice and shiny when new, but maintenance and cleaning will be neglected. LGA will become tatty and tired within a few years. I point to The Oculus and the Moynihan Train Hall as examples of that.
I was just in Moynihan Train Hall and it is pristine, literally brand new, and is in fact still under construction.
Charles Baker 1
My BS meter pegged out as soon as I saw “Best..” From a pilot’s perspective, I always found it to be miserable.
I will never fly into LaGuardia ever again. I literally was cursed out by a TSA agent for absolutely no reason. Everyone around me was shocked as was I. I immediately found a TSA manager explained what happened,showed him video of the incident, had numerous strangers confirm the incident and absolutely nothing at all happened to the TSA agent. He was not reprimanded, written up nothing! The employees at security were yelling at people it was a total joke! There is NO WAY THAT AIRPORT DESERVES THAT RECOGNITION!!!
How does the behavior of one TSA employee have anything to do with airport's architecture?
They were native New Yorkers--what do u expect. Perhaps they were from the nearby Rikers Island hood.
Nooge -1
Melvin is from Alabama where they marry their cousins and belong to The Klan and Grand Old WHite Party

Its really not his fault how he turned out to be low low gene pool
James Simms 0
Yea, but Alabamians & anyone from the South is a much better class of people. You may call us losers, but we’re a better class of losers. One never sees anyone retiring to the frozen North to a Blue state.
You should call the Biden white house to complain.
Nooge -2
Sad when someone needs to be political sitting alone lamenting his clown lost the election...

And this work is what Jabawackie finds inportant on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Jabby....he lost
Tell Trump about this award.


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