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Airlines face shortage of pilots, other workers, execs say

Airlines are having trouble hiring pilots, flight attendants and other personnel, and that's part of what is causing canceled flights and scrapping of service to some airports, executives told legislators on Wednesday. American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said a large service outage in October began when high winds shut down three of five runways at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the airline's largest hub. American, he said, ended up with jets and people in the wrong places, and… ( More...

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Cleffer 12
They really believe we have this short of a memory.
George Lane 12
From the article: "...people who want to be pilots have to spend $150,000 to get the required training..."

If American hadn't spent $12 billion buying back its own stock, it it possible they might still have some spare cash available for employee training?
When the current generation realizes they cannot all be social media influencers, youtube stars, gamers or deejays, they will realize that some people have to actually do manual labor to make the world work
jbermo 1
If only to see such a headline when back in the '70s.
Kevin Keswick -2
If they are facing a shortage of pilots maybe they shouldn't be firing pilots who refuse to get injected with experimental drugs that have been shown to cause serious heart problems especially for younger healthy males.
Edward Bardes -1
It all comes down to a choice: would you prefer to be vaccinated or deal with the hassle of wearing a mask everywhere you go? Personally, I prefer the vaccine.
irvmull 4
I am fully vaccinated. However, we're still required to wear a mask to travel.
Travel is supposed to be pleasant, relaxing, educational.
That's why it costs more than staying home.

Wearing a mask for 8 or more hours on a plane is anything but pleasant. In addition, many of the perks of travel have been eliminated "because of COVID", so you get less for your money than you would otherwise.

So no travel for me.
Nooge -3
I travel alot Thats why I am hereon this site

I dont consider flying as pleasurable but First is the way to make it tolerable

3 doses of the Fauci Ouchi and I wear a mask ...its really no big deal unless you want it to be

Travel is great when you get there ...masks make you safer on the journey

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irvmull 1
Sorry, but the CDC disagrees with you. Only someone with a serious lack of intelligence would still be reading from the 4-year-old anti-Trump script. Get up to date!
Nooge 0
Keswick cant help himself

Enjoys living in the alternative fact world
chugheset 0
STFU Nooge
people used to jump over hoops to get an interview with ANY airline, but especially the major carriers,because the benefits (at one time) were excellent,from healthcare,to flightt passes,to discounts at hotels and car rentals,to just the general "prestige"of being an airline employee..well, the times have changed drastically due to covid,and people do not wish to be targets consistently of peoples "ire" over mask wearing or waiting in line,or not getting a meal or a reimbursement,and literally being a "punching bag" for crazies!there have always been passengers who were unhappy about one thing or another, and had to be handled with kid gloves and courtesy,..the big difference now however, is the people flying who are just plain ANGRY about everything, and the agent or the flight attendant and in some cases he flight crew in the cockpit, are the easiest to attack..there actually ARE several mitigating factors that have caused airline issues within the past couple of years...


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