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Airlines are gearing up for a busier — and costlier — holiday season as fuel prices rise

Jet fuel hasn’t been this expensive since 2014. Airlines also racing to hire thousands of employees to meet growing demand: pilots, flight attendants, reservations agents, baggage handlers and many others, competing in a tight labor market that would have seemed impossible in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. ( Altro...

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Cleffer 3
I wonder if there's anything we could do about those rising fuel prices?
emkostiuk 8
Yep, we can watch Congress hold hearings "on this urgent matter" all the while nothing gets done but they "did hold hearings."
bentwing60 2
And ride around in Black Chevy Suburbans we paid for. Can you say Greed, (n).
Roy Hunte 2
I was thinking more of the Black Cadillacs and Lincolns. Be glad they don't drive Rolls Royces and Bentleys.
If I had a Rolls Royce I cud care less abt the price of fuel.
"We, the People" elected authorities who have chosen to prevent oil producers Iran and Venezuela from delivering their products to market. Our authorities actions, and actions of our friends, have reduced the flow of oil from several other producing countries by damaging or destroying their oil producing capacity. Our current authorities have even reduced our own production and delivery capacities.

When the availability of a needed item is reduced, the cost of that item increases.
dnorthern 1
Thanks Brandon!


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