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The Longest Ever Flight Was Over 64 Days In A Cessna 172

Often, when we think of long-endurance flights, our first thoughts jump to military operations. Big planes with highly-trained crew will fly for long periods, using air-to-air refuelling to stay aloft for extended periods. However, many of the longest duration flights have been undertaken as entirely civilian operations. The longest of all happened to be undertaken by that most humble of aircraft, the Cessna 172. From December 1958 to February 1959, Bob Timm and John Cook set out to make… ( Altro...

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emkostiuk 12
Can you imagine if you attempted to do this in today's FAA world? It would take the local FSDO two years to get approval if that could be had.
John Tuzi 3
Government has reached the size, scope and scale as to be the greatest inhibitor of success, innovation and daring. All empires crumble from within.
Why would you need approval?
sparkie624 5
because to do it they way they did, they modified the plane with a bottom fuel pump that the a/c did not come with, they had a platform that was outside the a/c on the right side, they were also refueling by pulling supplies up from the ground.... Plane modification alone would require FAA Approval, not to mention lowering a Tether to grab a old to the Fuel line, and adding the extra fuel tank.
bartmiller 9
My butt gets numb after 3-4 hours of flight in my TR182. 64 days? Yeesh! I do admire these guys but have no interest in trying to break their record!
msetera -6
After 64 days, my butt would be as numb as Joe Biden's brain.
Can we leave the political BS out of this room. This story has nothing to do with President Biden, or President Trump, so comments like these are not needed. Comments like this are just making this news site as cheap, trashy, and unpleasant as a Fox News or CNN comment's page.
George Pepe -4
After about 30, your butt would be as numb as trump. Therefore, you would be as numb as trump before Biden.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Let’s go Brandon!
LOL I bet that their butts not only got numb but had to be wiped more than a few times just like Joe Biden's butt had to get wiped after meeting the pope at the Vatican yesterday #PoopyPantsBiden. It now makes sense why Biden blurted out to reporters a few months ago "my butts been wiped".

All Jokes aside this is actually an amazing story of endurance. Joe Biden has the luxury of Depends today - did Depends even exist in 1958?
kirk parent -3
I think there should be actual goals behind trying to break records beyond just bragging rights.
Amazing wow.. Congrats to those people who made it happen. What ingenuity.. I read the entire article cannot believe I never heard that one before but did see the 172 in Las Vegas!
MJ Frank 4
Can you imagine the stench in that cockpit? Phew...
sparkie624 7
This just seemed to be an interesting article in history... Boeing and Airbus don't have a chance to beat this record... LOL!
bentwing60 7
Hey Sparkie, Thanks for the reminder. I have read about this several times and still admire their derring-do and moxie. I thought 5 hours in a challenger was too long. Can you say honey bucket?
Cleffer 6
I just picture the entire back seat filled with bottles (despite the twice daily refueling/resupply)... that's great.

What a story.
I remember reading this what a story
That airplane is hanging in the terminal at McCarran in Las Vegas.
Lol, I guess I should have read the article BEFORE I posted!
bentwing60 3
We hereby hold you Not Guilty of being the first!


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