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Oops! TikTok User Turns Up For easyJet Flight A Year Early

We are all used to arriving at the airport hours before a flight. This time-consuming routine has become a normal part of our travels, and factoring in wait times is second nature for many frequent flyers when it comes to booking their travels. However, one easyJet passenger accidentally took this to the extreme by arriving a full year early! ( Altro...

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racerxx 6
Let’s be real. She did this for the media attention. This shouldn’t be in the news
sparkie624 1
The Real news is just showing how Stupid People are... They will do anything for attention and then throw it on someone else like it is there fault... I think it is great Comedy Relief News that we need in todays time of Gloom and Doom! This isn't about Easy Jet, It is about a stupid customer who did not think to read and verify... I hate to say it but math is very quickly being lost... We had so many more kids graduating from schools back in the days before computers.... No days kids just don't care and or don't appreciate what they have or both...
racerxx 1
At the end of the day, you submitting this garbage is exactly what they want.


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