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USAF’s First Electric Ultra-Short Takeoff Plane Blows eVTOLs Out of the Water

The U.S. Air Force is serious about introducing innovative air mobility vehicles into its future operations. Electra was just selected by USAF to develop ultra-short takeoff aircraft, as part of the Agility Prime program. In only a few years, we will be seeing Air Force-operated electric aircraft like nothing we’ve seen before. ( Altro...

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This reminds me of the US Army wanted to buy CH-47 Helicopters for Viet Nam in the early 1960's, but had a competition to see what else could the job. DeHavilland Canada designed the DHC-5 Buffalo to do the job as an upgraded DHC-4 Cariboo with turboshaft engines to replace the radial engines. The US Army did buy some, but then the fixed wing roll was taken away, and the US Air Force did not want a Canadian Aircraft. So the point is that fixed wing can meet the requirements of rotary wing aircraft in some cases.


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