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Airport passenger levels take off as TSA works to boost workforce by thousands

The Transportation Security Administration is continuing its push to boost the agency's workforce by 6,000 in an effort to face ever increasing passenger numbers as the pandemic's force on the travel industry starts to wane. ( Altro...

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"As the TSA continues in-person hiring events at airports around the country, along with virtual ones, the agency said Wednesday that it has not had to layoff or furlough employees during the pandemic."

So, with the massive downturn last year no TSA agents got laid off. 70% fewer passengers to screen but 100% staffing maintained. Did any government worker lose their job or stop getting a paycheck in the past year? But now that passenger levels are returning to almost prepandemic levels the TSA has to hire even more workers. What am I missing?
Ken Lane 2
The two biggest mistakes by Bush 43... signing the bill creating the TSA and nominating John Roberts.
Oh yes. Let's ramp-up the Government's false-security apparatus and get some more sociopathic people off the streets and into more Government jobs. Just because they are not even capable of working a fast-food drive-thru window, should not disqualify them from keeping all the "sheeple" safe.
On Wednesday afternoon as I passed through security at JAX the agent who was watching the hand-luggage x-ray machine, loudly announced to the world as my bag passed through. "Those are gold watches in that bag! Must be nice!" She was well trained to recognize things on her screen but her actions were those of an inconsiderate and inappropriate fool.
JR Lazar 1
D Rotten 0


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