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Men Who Gave CPR To Dying United Passenger With COVID Given $200 Flight Vouchers

I think this is one of those “darned if you do, darned if you don’t” sort of things. ( More...

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Colin Seftel 15
The $200 irn't a reward, it's minimal compensation for the medical expenses that the two would have had. A coronavirus test alone costs S100-$200.

The other issue is that the victim had recently lost his sense of taste and smell and had been having problems breathing but didn’t disclose this to the United representatives. He had no right to be on a plane!
Mike Williams 1
I got my VIRUS test at a local Walmart Via my extra medicare insurance. Not free but not $100 -$200.
I used my bicycle for the drive-up window.
The lame VA mailed me the results of my 11-5-20 blood test and THE VIRUs was not tested for.
CVS would not get paid for the test because I cannot text.
outisland41 37
I hope we don't get to the point of thinking about the possible reward for doing the right thing as human beings.
Tim Dyck 10
Different people react differently in a crisis. Some will respond in an attempt to help without any thought about their personal safety, some will stand aside and do nothing and there is a wide range if people in between those extremes. People who's instinct to help don't do it for a reward nor do they expect one and I suspect the two in this story fall into that catagory. $200.00 is a nice thank you and nothing more.
Some call it Uncommon Valour
WhiteKnight77 4
Nowadays there are way too many people who will just stand aside and take videos of whatever may be happening verses calling for help or helping out themselves. The want of a viral video for those 15 seconds of fame has been a problem since the creation of the camera phone.
Tim Dyck 8
These two people who reacted and tried to save the man's life deserve big a thank you. I don't know if the Airline has a reward program for people who step up in a crisis but they really don't have to do anything so the $200.00 is a nice guesture. People saying it's not enough have to realize it is more then these people expected.
As for the COVID19? Hopefully the FAA reviews this incident and finds out were the system needs to be improved. obviously there is a gap in their screening as this gentleman should not have been flying.
airlines have in their emergency kits on board,not only the electrical heart stimulators for emergncies and oxygen,but many other things in the emergency kits,including those plastic mouthpieces which are used to give cpr.mouth to mouth without actual physical contact on a persons face..these people saw a person in distress and jumped in to help,as a lot of "first responders" do,without thought to their own well being..i applaud them and ual should give them more than a $200 voucher,but cover any medical expenses they might have due to covid exposure,and give them free flights for life if they so choose!!!
aurodoc 1
I would hope the airline had an ambu bag and avoid any mouth to mouth. Even so the exhaust air probably would circulate in the near enclosed space unless filter present. I don’t think either paramedic turned positive thank god
Since he started showing symptoms a few days later and went into quarantine, it's probably safe to assume...
aurodoc 2
He tested negative according to news report
Ken Hardy 3
No good deed goes unpunished
aurodoc 5
I was on a Lufthansa flight a couple of years ago and an hour into the flight a passenger fell and split her forehead open. Captain wanted to know if they should turn back but the medical kit had all kinds of good stuff in it and I sewed her up and told them keep going. I didn't even get a thank you from Lufthansa let alone 200 bucks.
Kieran Ryan 4
Thanks aurodoc for using your initiative and expertise to stabilize the situation and help the injured lady out.. its not 200 bucks I know but a big thankyou from all those present :-)
aurodoc 4
Thanks This was on an A 340 600 and crazy enough right after I fixed this persons head wound another passenger tripped and fell down the stairs going down to the lavatories and I needed to check her out as well but no injury. At least it wasn't a boring 11 hour flight.
Your timing is impeccable! Bravo!
Chris Ryan 2
Had a similar thing on a Northwest transatlantic flight. Saved the airline from diverting to Reykjavik, they made me fill out all kind of forms and never sent a thankyou note...
You also didn't get Covid.
Mark Kortum 6
Someone at United took a foolish action, something done by average dull people everyday everywhere. United could have sent a nice thank-you letter, recognizing that the real reward for these guys was saving a life, even if that life was of an inconsiderate idiot who endangered and inconvenienced his fellow travelers in the airport and on the plane. Or they could have recognized the magnitude of the good deed and rewarded them more appropriately with something like two first class tickets around the World or similar. Would have been great publicity for United too!
SCWSNelly 4
What makes you think United didn’t issue a letter of appreciation? I’m willing to bet that a $200 travel voucher didn’t just show up in their travel bank without any explanation as to why it was issued. The problem here is we somehow feel we are entitled to know what United told those passengers in lieu of issuing them compensation. The good news here isn’t the payment it’s the passengers being courageous enough to act. That should be the real headline.
Lanny Word 1
I agree but United doesn’t have international First Class anymore. But Polaris would do just fine. But honestly, a gift basket would have probably been better and more neutral.
bdarnell 2
Why was he on this flight ? The heroics notwithstanding.
i agree - he is negligent and just maybe his estate will be sued.
James Harler 1
To get the the other side??
Louie R 2
That's corporate America for you. During the economic downturn with millions of people unemployed, sick, hungry, in pain and despair, the government subsidizes your industry with billions of dollars to keep paying your employees. What do the corporations do? Downsize, furlough, cut benefits, reward executives with outrageous bonuses, buyback their stock... and throw good samaritans a couple of hundred crumbs.
Obviously well done by selfless volunteers. If I were UA, I'd grant them lifetime travel passes.
AWAAlum 1
If you were UA, I might just trip over myself trying to give cpr to someone who didn't even need it.
It would be tempting - but probably not successful in the end... lol
Paul Miller 4
Top Marks for the two guys who went to the aid of a fellow human being, but sad that just a $200.00. voucher was all that they got for their kind brave acts ? $2,000. would have been a much nicer gift by the Airline to have offered I think, but maybe that's more than the Airline could afford.......
United could certainly have afforded free flights for a year, or something along those lines.

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dnorthern 0
There are several qualifiers that support what I said. Here. Found your wallet with $500 in it. How about a $50 reward for my doing the right thing and returning it to you.
Quit being simple. This is not "United would like to say we appreciate the fact that you're not a cold hearted psychopath and tried to save that guy, here's a $200 voucher", it's "United would like to apologize for allowing an obvious covid positive patient onto your flight, here's a $200 voucher you can't use since you are now infected".
Sidney Martin 2
I agree they shouldn’t expect a reward, God rewards when he sees fit, but it was a nice gesture by the airline. It wasn’t the airline’s fault they had a sick passenger.
I read the article twice and still can't find where it says they expected a reward or anything else.

And it wasn't the airlines fault? Ok then, who's fault was it? The guy was not asymptomatic, he was near-death.

Before you say it was the dead passenger's fault, keep in mind that as far as screening goes this would be the equivalent of allowing someone to board with a grenade in their laptop bag.

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So using your example (not mine, read it again), playing with live grenades is not dangerous because all 4 of your grandparents have done it, as well as you and most of your family and NONE of you were blown up.... so clearly the media overdid the dangers of playing with grenades.

Do you know what the word anecdotal means?

P.S. Your opinion is wrong because nobody, not even Americans, have the right to fly.
Sidney Martin -2
Not saying he should be on the flight, not to be cold hearted or offend you but EVERYONE will die sometime, are you prepared to meet God? Not sure what you mean Americans don’t have a right to fly, but I don’t have time to argue with about this stuff if we can’t argue nicely
Sorry, let me try that last one again:

Nothing personal, but using your example (not mine, read it again), playing with live grenades is not dangerous because all 4 of your grandparents have done it, as well as you and most of your family and NONE of you were blown up.... so clearly the media overdid the dangers of playing with grenades.

Not trying to stick a round square peg in a round hole here, but do you know what the word anecdotal means?

P.S. Not saying you're wrong, but your opinion is wrong because nobody, not even Americans, have the right to fly.
Tim Dyck 2
SARS-CoV-2 is a virus not a Grenada so maybe get back on topic. Not everyone who is exposed to SARS-Cov-2 wills end up with COVID19 and out of those that do very few will actually die.
The guy on the plane who knew he had symptom should not have flown, the airport screening should have caught this befor he got on the plane...none of this should have happened but sadly it did. Now instead of pointing fingers those who the FAA needs to investigate this and find a way to prevent it from being repeated in the future.
AWAAlum 1
400,000 in my humble opinion, is far from "very few".
i think some would sue the estate of the dead guy for failing to reveal and even to fly.
Ray Sundar 2
Instead they could have given him a free Covid test and a free Vaccine shot right there!
mariofer 1
It would had been too late for the vaccine to do anything.
Mike Williams 0
THE VACCINE was not available. Maybe all the ex-president got.
TWA55 1
Money must be tight at UAL. A round trip ticket would have been nice. LOL
Roger that Tim!
Craig Good 1
Another own goal for United. A nice letter of thanks would have been a lovely gesture. This is more like leaving 25 cents as a tip to show that you didn't like your server's work.
Rob Smith 1
Something to is virtually a mathematical and statistical certainty that at least 8 or 9 other passengers on that flight were positive for Covid-19. They were either prior to symptoms or asymptomatic for the duration of their infection.
patrick baker 1
analyzing the gifts that united gave to the samaratans ought not to take very long. A more useful reward would be to follow up on the medical conditions of each man and then to offer something of substance then. A passenger got on a United flight that medical screening did not detect, then had adverse, then a fatal reaction. United believes no good deed goes unpunished, but its not our fault. The best safe remedy is not to fly , period. for we can not depend on the good will or the competency of :United Air Lines.
Well at least they gave them the vouchers and will let them use them. Obviously they had to remove the mandatory face mask to give CPR. The airline could have banned them for life because they removed there masks.
Tim Dyck 2
Not neccicary to remove mask as chest compressions alone move air n and out of the lungs. It's not deal but it does work.
Debi Dube-Dean -3
Wow dude, spell check and proofread before you send anything. You sound like a drunken hillbilly
AWAAlum 3
The issue at hand is important. Typos, not so much.
Whatever. You’ve missed the point entirely. If words are missing or misspelled the point is lost. This incident is a very important statement on selflessness which should be encouraged, acknowledged, recognized appropriately and rewarded if possible. It also shows the complete selfishness and criminal lack of consideration of the infected passenger. If someone is going to comment on it, they should at least try to do it intelligently.
AWAAlum 3
Generalizations, sweetie. Tim's comment is perfectly understandable. Get over yourself.
Bite me loser, goodbye
Sidney Martin 1
This is an older lady! Common courtesy, please.
I'm also all about proper grammar and spelling; but, this Debi Dube-Dean (3D) has some "fight" in her if not a bit irritating.
BTW, Debi, did you name any of your children Scooby Debbie Dube-Dean (S3D)?
WhiteKnight77 1
Sadly, there are those who cannot understand that misspellings or omitting letters can change the whole meaning of a statement. I see it time and again with a part and apart. Proper spelling ensures the meaning is as intended, and not as how it would be read.
Spot-on WhiteKnight77.
You rule this post IMHO.
AWAAlum 2
At the risk of repeating myself (and I'll put forth all effort to spell correctly and not omit letters so that you are able to understand) Tim's post is perfectly understandable. Make a point where a point is needed.
Tim Dyck 1
Have you ever performed CPR? I used to do it often when I worked in the ambulance business and never once had anyone ask me afterwards about weather I spelled something right. When someone has a potential respiratory virus, sores around their mouth or their face is just all smashed to shit you don’t do breathing. It works because I have talked to people in the hospital when we did our after care visits.


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