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Atlas Air Boeing 747 Operates Transatlantic Flight On Sustainable Fuel

An Atlas Air Boeing 747-400F flew a transatlantic mission on Monday using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The test flight flew from Spain to Mexico, and Atlas Air ran the operation as it tests and examines ways to become a more environmentally friendly carrier. ( Altro...

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Just found the website, 50% biofuel, don't thing it got off the ground with Covid sticking it's spikes in!
Looks like a post a now defeated American President may have posted!
jammen737 1
Said like a true SNOWFLAKE
Sorry that I have to say this, but the title is as misleading as the whole project, they didn’t ‘operate on’ SAF, they mixed 2.3% through fossil fuel, which means they ‘operated’ for 97% non-sustainable. Also the agricultural oil is not sustainable either. Since we need a much bigger planet to fulfil demand for the remaining 97% of this flight, and all other flights. Who are they trying to convince here? I also love flying and also wish it could be sustainable, but this is just a jumbojet load of nonsense.
Evan Qantas has had a go with this stuff!
John Ward 1
VERY well said! Why do the ‘media’ constantly feed us false information? Next thing they will say is.....Trump really did win the last election!
By 2030, this will be pointless too
belzybob 1
Virgin did a similar thing a while back, just as pointless.


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