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JetBlue just revealed its newest jet, the controversial Airbus A220 that the airline will be the second in the US to operate

JetBlue Airways just unveiled the paint job for its new Airbus A220 aircraft to be delivered in December. The aircraft features JetBlue's classic paint scheme with a new tail design, called "Hops." No routes have been announced yet but travelers can expect to fly on the aircraft in 2021, according to a JetBlue press release. JetBlue Airways' first Airbus A220 just rolled out of the paint shop in Mobile, Alabama in advance of its December delivery as the airline embarks on a… ( Altro...

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canuck44 6
Misleading headline...what is controversial about the A-220? Only in the Boeing boardroom as they dropped the ball on this one.
mbrews 1
Those who follow the FULL history of this aircraft type are CONCERNED BY HIGH in-flight shutdown rate of the P&W Geared Turbofan engines on all A-220 and predecessors.


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