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Nowhere beckons for Asia-Pacific airlines

‘Flights to Nowhere’ are smart public relations for Asia-Pacific airlines, but that such flights are even under consideration underlines the immense challenges they face. Reports recently emerged that Singapore Airlines (SIA) is considering what local reports refer to as ’Flights to Nowhere,’ whereby passengers board in Singapore, fly around a few hours enjoying SIA’s in-flight service, and land again in Singapore. ( Altro...

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There is no reason to take off and burn fuel and wear and tear on the aircraft. They can do it on the ground. You can (after covid lets up) enjoy a 1970's Pan Am 747 dinner show in Los Angeles. Singapore is a great airline with top notch service, but I think they learned a lot from the Pan Am cabin crews.
jbermo 1
What a great concept - One-way air tours. A parked/pickled airplane requires its engines and hydraulics to be periodically run and exercised anyway, so why not employ a few and offer an air-tour.
Stupid idea amd a waste of fuel and resources.


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