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Reversed, glass partitioned middle seat - is this what air travel could look like post-coronavirus

Aviointeriors released a rendering of its “Janus” airliner seat, which uses a glass partition and a reversed middle seat to mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus. ( Altro...

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matt jensen 10
How about just removing the center seat?
Oh, sorry makes too much sense...........
If you're ok with higher ticket prices, sure!
Reduces weight!
pjshield 1
reduces revenue!
jmilleratp 1
Just put police tape around it. :-)
dee9bee 7
How about social distancing through not making economy 'cattle car class' ? Wider seats and more space, don't need the plastic partition, just like in the golden days
bdarnell 5
We own a Citation for biz travel. I've tried sitting in one of the reversed seats. It's very unsettling flying backwards. Maybe it's just me.
Mike Mohle 3
Airsickness, here we come! The airlines will be able to charge more for assigning a forward facing seat to passengers. This is a coordinated plot to increase revenue. LOL
Oh, hell no! Better to keep seats facing forward, but fewer seats and better air scrubbing to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. Glass or plexiglass partitions? Nice idea, but to be effective the glass or plexiglass would have to extend to the ceiling and that will make adequate cabin air circulation a problem. Glass or plexiglass could also make for severe hazards in a crash landing situation.
jmilleratp 2
This is, of course, terribly silly. Coronavirus is a respiratory virus. It is spread through the air. If you are still that close to others, you could get it. The answer hasn't changed: We need testing and contact tracing. That will take care of what is needed to get flying and other sectors of our economy back to normal.
sparkie624 1
A better fix would be better filtering.. Working in maintenance for many years the filters will keep derbies out of the ACM and Heat Exchangers, but it isn't going to do anything for spreading even the largest of germs. They need better filters, but they have to be certified first and I certainly have not seen anyone looking into that option.
jmilleratp 1
Absolutely agree.
sparkie624 3
One thing I like about is that the Fat Cabooses can't consume most of my seat and force the Armrest up!
dardav 1
stop really!
Jason Chiu 1
Emergency evacuation in less than a minute could be a challenge
sparkie624 1
LOL... It would be good practice for preparing for an Obstical Course competition!
ADXbear 1
This arrangement is likely to increase viral spread. Facing each other, even on the diagonal, gives airborne droplets an unencumbered path between passengers. If you are going to add partitions, add them above current armrests. Then droplets have to make a U-turn to get from one person to the next. Partitions could be constructed like a fan so the fold up for exit and entry or for people flying together. Cleaning partitions between flights for either configuration is an issue.
mbv9415 1
what about those of us flying with a partner or spouse that we would like to talk to during the flight?? It's already been mentioned some people can't do that backwards seating; especially with turbulence I bet there will be more sickness... Will they be doing something to increase air movement in the cabin?? sure to get stuffy and even warmer in these mini cocoons.
sparkie624 2
Bring a wired headset/boom mike like the ones they use in small planes to communicate... Guess that is something they didn't think of... Another thing.. How will a Parent discipline their kids for misbehaving.... Even though discipline will get the parent in even more problems now days.
Sylvain184 1
Next step design: "your seat will be a crate in a freight hold, no risk of contamination..."
SWA back in the 90s had rear facing seats at the bulkhead. It was a little weird on takeoff and landing,but it was great if you were traveling as a group of four(there were two seats not three together). No different than traveling on a train.
I remember flying on a Continental DC10 - “The Proud Bird with the Golden Tail” - in the early 80s, seated in club seats: seat rows facing each other with an actual table between.
Absolutely NO.
the new top Airline "FOR" Free Onboard Respirators
D Rotten 1
WOW!! And people are still playing along with all of this INSANITY?!?!?!
The Globalists really do NOT want interaction by the slaves!!!
HUMANS need social interactions/bonds or they will get sick more often and die an early death. As various studies have proven.
But the Globalists do not see us as HUMANS!! And the way NON THINKING people are acting over this (FAKE) PLANNEDemic, I would have to agree!
Maybe you NON HUMANS (NON THINKING) deserve it!!
Geoff Rowe 1
Looks like this company has a proven track record of successful designs, not. This makes no sense. If you’re in the aisle seat and sneeze the particles go everywhere, up to 27 feet. Certainly that little partition won’t help. Wouldn’t planes need to be re-certificated for evacuation time too? I agree that it does deal with the middle seat arm hogs.
sparkie624 3
The planes would not need to be re-certified, but the Interior design certainly would be.
The captain has turned on the seat belt sign in anticipation of moderate air turbulence? Ooooops, clean up in aisle 36! Get out the windex and some bandages so we can put the brain matter back inside? LOL


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