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United Airlines posts $2.1 billion loss on coronavirus hit, seeks more federal aid

United Airlines on Monday reported a $2.1 billion loss for first quarter as the coronavirus pandemic drove travel demand down to the lowest level in decades. ( Altro...

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jeff slack 4
UA/CO Holdings is a publicly-traded company that has made billions in profit since its merger. You can not convince me they have not saved some of that profit for a rainy day? I am not interested in bailing shareholders out............they need to bail out their own company and guide its future. I have no problem with the Govt. supporting their employees or any employee for that matter.
matt jensen 2
No air carrier that is publicly traded should be holding their hands out. I thought all that nonsense ended with the TARP debacle. The people are the ones who should be receiving the money - NOT BANKS, AIRLINES or any publicly traded company - that includes MSFT, GM, F etc.
David Isaacs 1
Great comment, Jeff. How many CEOs and other top echelon executives have declined their bonuses for this year in order to provide some funds to keep their company going? Likewise, how many small businesses that were not hurting still applied for the low cost loans?
matt jensen 3
Oil has gone NEGATIVE for the first time in history of OPEC - thanks in large part to the Saudi-Russ war. There is no excuse why air or freight carriers to not make money now.
paul trubits 1
This has nothing to do with aviation, but this is a war by the Saudis and Russians against the United States oil industry.


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