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Delta Unveils Unique New First Class Seat Design

Delta Air Lines is introducing a new design to domestic first class air travel. On Thursday, the Atlanta-based air carrier revealed a new seat design for its upcoming first class cabins on the Airbus A321neo, a mid-long haul aircraft that it currently has on order. The new seats notably include fixed headrests for better privacy and sleeping posture while tray table have increased in size by up to 25 percent. In addition to headrest and tray table upgrades, Delta has baked in 3x more volume for… ( Altro...

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Hidden behind paywall.

Does it look like a horse saddle?
Still works for me
Nice. If it has a foot rest, I'm in.
Who else hates American media outlets for always asking to disable ad blockers.
You could try UBlock Origin in the Chrome or Firefox store. Although I have found it only works half the time for me.
those are first cass seats? wow..they certainly don't look roomy or comfortable..i understand the diference between aircraft configurations and domestic flights versus international, where the seats in first class or business look like a mini suite,but these to me don't seem to fit a first class bill..!
They have blinders so you don't see people around you. The girl folds over the headrest blinders the first thing after her ass hits the seat. It must work. If they put speakers in the wings, it could be that much better. Notice the cubby space between seat bases. That's kinda cool.

At least nothing overly electric.

I remember my first ever flight on a 777. It was Untied, from ORD to LHR. I was so geeked. Checked into first class lounge, saw some pictures of what it should look like, and got on the plane, and, um, where were the comfy seats? Mine had part of it that didn't work, and another poor pax had a seat belt that didn't work. It was either take the last seat in coach, or make do. On the way back, my seat didn't recline. Apparently it blew a fuse or something. They tried to get it working, but to no avail. I haven't been on a Untied flight since. Shredded my Untied credit card too. Bye bye!!!
These seats look fine if you are 5' 4" and weigh 105 lbs. For the rest of us....


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