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Justin Trudeau casts doubt on Iran's claim that shooting down of passenger jet was an 'accident'

Justin Trudeau casts doubt on Iran's claim that shooting down of passenger jet was an 'accident' as he calls for full investigation and demands justice for families of 57 Canadian victims ( Altro...

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Gary Denning 2
On the other hand, the Iranians cast doubt on any statement they might make about this being an accident when they don't admit from the start that the plane was shot down by one of their missles.
joel wiley 1
Or: Justin Trudeau casts doubt on Justin Trudeau's credibility
Can you see the Irani fire control officer saying in Farsi "eenie, meenie, minie ..."
Greg S -2
Oh Justin, you just aren't believable when you try to play bulldog. I'm all for a full investigation, but no investigation is going to reveal what conversations transpired between the missile operator and his superiors.

It had to be accident. No other explanation makes sense.
airuphere 2
I agree with your points.. I just think it’s funny that now the Iranians are protesting in the streets against their leader and not the USA.. amazing how the mindset changed over night. Maybe it was an inside attempt to start a coup. Far fetched but I can’t think of anything besides an accident either


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