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Woman Stung By Scorpion On United Airlines Flight

A woman passenger aboard a late-night United Airlines flight from California to Georgia was stung on the leg by a stowaway Scorpion. While the Samuel L. Jackson movie ‘Snakes on a Plane’ was all fun and games, an unknown woman told celebrity gossip website TMZ that she was stung by a scorpion while flying to Atlanta. When her leg started to feel painful, the woman decided to go to the toilet and find out what was causing the discomfort. As she was pulling down her pants, a live scorpion dropped… ( Altro...

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Falconus 4
Scorpions are much more common in the United States than people think (they are NOT restricted to desert areas or to the west), and despite what the article says, even the Arizona bark scorpion is supposed to be very painful but not all that dangerous except to people who are extremely young, old, or infirm.

I got tagged by a scorpion in Alabama when I was a kid (I don't know what species). If I had to choose between that and a yellow jacket on an airplane, I would take the scorpion any day. To my memory, yellow jackets are much more painful, and a lot harder to contain.

People are very afraid of scorpions, but the vast majority in the US are not a big deal at all.
Concur I received two stings during the Gulf War. Meds took care of both times but they are still painful for the first few days.
Falconus 1
Ouch. I have heard that certain scorpion species in particular in that region are not fun times.
Someone call Samuel L. Jackson; there's a scorpion on a plane!
I heard a similar story a while back about a scorpion falling onto a passenger out of the overhead goodness..if she was stung several times,to be sure she was in queston would be how could you get dressed and do all of the moving around etcetera to board a flight,and not know a "critter" was in you pants? if the scorpion crawled up her pant leg on board the plane,surely she would have felt it then before it stung her several times...icky and very unpleasent for the lady..
Kobe Hunte 1
Don't know how you couldn't feel a living scorpion up your leg....
Falconus 1
Many species of scorpions are quite small, i.e. smaller than a roach for sure. While I would like to think I would feel something like that climbing on my skin, I can see it climbing up the inside of my trousers undetected, especially if I'm not moving around very much.
The woman exaggerated I can believe it,scorpion dropped from her pants 👖 paaaa wooow


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