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Rio-Paris crash relatives finger Airbus in new report

Relatives of victims of the 2009 Rio-Paris air crash have provided evidence they say supports their claim that Airbus knew of problems with an onboard instrument five years earlier, it emerged Sunday. They provided a report on August 8 to judges investigating the crash pending a possible trial for manslaughter and negligence, said a source for the association representing loved ones of the 228 people aboard Air France flight AF447, confirming a report in Le Parisien newspaper. The news comes a… ( Altro...

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You can finger pitot tubes all you want, but those two idiots at the controls didn’t help the situation?
linbb -4
Seem this guy posting is just doing that without any other details like the one above about P&W must be either MH370 or his friend as that's what he used to do.
Kobe Hunte 3
he might be MH370 be you are a troll
Highflyer1950 isnt MH370 im sorry to say. Now Linbb on the other hand thats a different story lol.
Tony Smith 3
It's not surprising, either with Airbus or Boeing, or Tesla for that matter. People want machines to think and act for them these days and don't have the ability to react when the machines don't do what they expect. We're on the verge of willingly entering the Matrix...
sharon bias 1
It's too bad that so many people have died with this flight and the Boeing mess when there are known problems and no one has the guts to step forward and make a stink. I wonder how all of the people involved sleep at night.


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