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Who developed the Boeing 737 MAX's flawed software?

Former Boeing software engineer Mark Rabin told Bloomberg that a manager said at an all-hands meeting that senior engineers were no longer required at the company. ( Altro...

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If you want to avoid the layover at, here's direct link to the original article on
bentwing60 3
So, who wrote this about a month ago?,

Who knows, if Boeing hadn't used so many H1B engineers to design the "Max" at the behest of the soy boy upper management maybe it would have turned out like every other variety of the 737, usable out of the box! I don't have any supporting evidence for my previous statement about h1b engineers employed by boeing so fire away, but I can tell you that as this onion that is the design, cert., omission of new systems/bandaids continue to leak out, this old, long standing Boeing guy is more and more disgusted with the results of unbridled subornation of Boeing upper management from making airplanes to making profits and bonuses for the "gilded cage"! the stock is down $105.00 in 6 months, and not just theirs!

My comment was voted off the thread and probably will be again, but it wasn't wrong then either.


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