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'No commercial reason' for Iran's Mahan Air flights to Venezuela

The United States views private Iranian airline Mahan Air's launch of a direct flight from Tehran to Caracas as a "politically motivated gesture" with "no commercial reason," a White House official said on Monday. Iran joins China and Russia which have flown supplies into Venezuela in support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Maduro is under pressure to step down and make way for opposition leader Juan Guaido, who is backed by the United States and most Western… ( Altro...

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I guess when you live in Venezuela, Iran can be considered a vacation...
srobak 1
other way around
None of Americas business who flies where outside of their country.
What I meant to write before I got interrupted was that commie countries support one-another. Only lacking Cuba at this point. Need an edit key here
I agree that there needs to be an edit key!!!
Don’t even comment on that highflyer. Lol I remember my catholic 747 post a few months ago
Russia pretty much creates a monopolized market in the Europe-East Asia sector; almost all of those flights have to overfly Russia.
I noticed this flight yesterday on radar! Shocked me! It was still quite far from Caracas and I guessed ii was going to Caracas. I kept me eye on it and I was right! This is getting crazier by the day!
n9341c 1
Always after me lucky charms.....
Sorry, some spelling errors, this is what I meant :)
I guessed it was going to Caracas
I kept my eye on it
lynx318 1
No commercial reason??? Humanitarian aid in, local 'crop' product out...
Shit hole to Shit hole commerce 😎
Russia would never allow US flights to any place within their sphere of influence. Why do we?
srobak 0
You do realize that not only does almost every major, american airline fly to multiple destinations within Russia's "sphere of influence", but also to Moscow itself, right?
Yes.And have for what 40 yrs? The key here is that they do it for commercial purposes. Why would Russia fly to V where inflation is a million %, people are starving and a socialist is on charge. Humanitarian aid?


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