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Five Years After MH 370, Aviation Industry Rolling Out Tech To Ensure No Plane Disappears Again

On March 8, 2014, a Boeing 777 with 239 people went missing on a flight between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. As details emerged within hours of the airplane’s last communication with air traffic control, it became clear that Malaysian Airlines 370 (MH370) was lost … literally; no one knew where the airplane went once it disappeared from radar about 40 minutes after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur. Because the Boeing’s transponder also ceased functioning, tracking the airplane by air traffic control… ( More...

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jojo1107 8
this is sad.
my friends cousin died from this crash and is still begging for reasons.

Pray for MH370! We need reasons!
ThePumpkin 4
I’m with ya Jordan. We still next answers.
cscs3 2
Very hard as this is how Malaysia government works.
patrick baker 5
dissapearence of malaysian 370 is at the top of my perplex-o-meter for shere beffudlement.
Nary a clue adds to the confusion. Plenty of popular myths as to who, what, where, when and why, but nothing for me to hang my hat on. THere ought to be a transponder with independent battery power source, incapable of being affected by the flight crew. Then this may never happen exactly ths way.
Mike Burke 1
carlos rivera 3
It is just incredible...there should be a transponder on baggage compartment without any possible access ty o it....
Greg77FA 2
If this was a priority, it could have been done much sooner. Money, red tape, politics, etc always hamper development and impede innovation. Man can do anything if prioritized. And we have done with a lot less before - even put a man on the moon with far less technology than exists today.
OK but it still can not keep some radical jihad pilot from taking his passengers to their death.
joel wiley 6
Nor will it prevent onboard exploding elephants either. It will help to find an a/c subject to either scenario.
cscs3 0
Very sad. Best way is stop taking MAS till they find where is plane is.
Nathan Floyd -2
What good is it if the pilots can still disable it?

Jeffrey Mandel -3
That technology has existed for many years. I have been using it every time I fly. It puts out a signal on a predetermined interval. I use every two minutes. If the system is improperly shut down, it sends out an immediate alert.
dbaker 13
There have been a variety of bespoke, non-global solutions that require additional hardware onboard the aircraft. Iridium is the only global satellite constellation and Aireon is the first production ADS-B solution on any satellite constellation, so this combination enables global coverage, for all operators, without additional aircraft equipage beyond ADS-B.


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