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Ryanair passengers reportedly kept on plane for 6 hours with no food or water in 14-degree weather

Passengers aboard a recent Ryanair flight from Prague, the Czech Republic, to Madrid claim they were left stranded on their plane for more than six hours without food, water or information. Flight FR2767 to Madrid stayed grounded on the tarmac at Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague on Sunday while 189 mainly Spanish passengers say they were forced to withstand temperatures of 14 degrees Fahrenheit. As the passengers experienced repeated delays, they claimed there was no food or water offered to them.… ( Altro...

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Jim Myers 2
This is not news. This is Ryanair SOP.
And is anyone surprised by this???
Kobe Hunte 1
the translation here is that this was the only time this was spoken about.. it usually happens
Why anyone would fly this lash-up is beyond me. You pay for what you get!!
jbqwik 1
exactly. vote with your pocketbook.
chalet 1
Cattle is treated better elsewhere inside trucks than Ryanair treats its beleaguered pax. NEVER EVER!!!
rapidwolve 1
I still cannot figure out how this a..hole outfit is allowed to stay in business.
"Ryanair: You think sardines in a tin had it bad?"


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