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United-Continental Gets a Face Lift

Video - The merger of United Airlines and Continental means all the planes in their combined fleet need a paint job. See a video of one aircraft's makeover. ( Altro...

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Great video. Looks like an incredible amount of work, but a beautiful job.
klimchuk 0
Great video but I don't like combined livery. It does not reveal new identity, I still call it Continental.
It was a great video... Something very bittersweet about watching the paint scheme change.
It is a good video but im not a huge fan of the new paint scheme. I was always a fan of the United colors.
Cool Video for sure...WOW with perhaps 10% of the over spray in the video they could have painted my 172 twice…Ahhh well just another missed opportunity.
KauaiGolfer 0
This paint job is lame. They should have kept the latest United paint job, which is really nice.
I like this paint job. noting too flashy; looks nice.
mfehp 0
UA/CO needs an entirely new identity. THe CO livery with "UNITED" on the side is unappealing. CO is a fine airline, but UA had far better branding accross the board. Can't believe that group is not part of the merged airline!?
Does the face lift include the FA,s ?
Looks like crap. They should have had a contest where anyone interested could send a sample of their idea of what the aircraft should look like. I bet it would have been much more artistic and appealing than the flat scheme they are currently using. Oh well, I fly fedex and won't have to be seen in one of theirs.
209flyboy 0
You know it would have been better if they used as little paint as possible. If you are familiar with aircraft paint weights on larger planes, they could have saved a lot of weight and increased fuel economy with bare metal and smaller LOGO's similar to Americans scheme.
It's amazing how a simple paint job can make such a nice aircraft so ugly.
Would have been nice if they gave a good view of the finished paint job at the end. What I was able to tell of the paint job, I do not like it. The old United paint scheme was much better.
toolguy105 0
I like the paint job. It's clean, not flashy. What I don't like is the merger itself. Continental was one of the last great Airlines with good fares. United has some of the highest fares on similar routes. As soon as the merger was complete Continental discontinued what it had held on to for so log, like real meals on flights over 2.5 hours, pillows and blankets.
While I was a fan of the merger, I feel the "quick" idea to adopt the CO was the worst ... the merger created a "new" airline .. and NOT the largest flying (two in Asia are bigger) ... there should had been a completely new logo and colors ... But at the same time, aircraft paint and colors, DOES NOT make for better service or fares. I would still opt for Southwest, where "Bags fly FREE"
I love the new livery. United old colors was so drab. I hated the battleship grey.
KauaiGolfer 0
The battleship gray paint job was on it's way out, and being replaced by a really nice new look. But alas, they didn't consult me.
toolguy105 0
Hopefully some of Continental will rub off on United
4TimKing 0
HATED the old United paint scheme!!! Almost made them stealth jets on a cloudy day.
planeaholic 0
I'm not a fan of the new paint scheme. They should have come up with something new altogether to represent the new airline. It looks like the companies bred 2 planes and gave birth to some hybrid mutt.
4TimKing 0
They should have come up with an entirely new name for the airline. For some of us the paint scheme wasn't the only thing we hated about flying the "friendly" skies.
209flyboy 0
Speaking about paint weights, Check out Boeing paint spec BMS 10-72 and other associated liks on their site. There are 5 coats of material required required. One is the Alodine aluminum anti corrosion treatment which has little weight. Next is the one pass primer coat over the alodine which is .5 to 1.9 mil thick. Then the 3 pass top coats which adds another 3.0 to 5 mil thickness.
If you'll check the specs you'll see that the total paint weight is pretty near 1300 pounds.


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